Experts in town for Quebec forum on regulating marijuana use

As the federal government gets ready to legalize marijuana, Quebec is holding a two day forum at the Palais des congrès on how to best go about it.

The forum includes national and international medical and legal experts talking about how legalizing marijuana would affect areas such as road and workplace safety, consumption, taxation, contraband, medical and recreational use, and health aspects and prevention.

What the forum doesn't include are private producers of medical marijuana, dealers or users. 

"Focusing on the subject of the danger, we forget all the other aspects that the majority of the users have no problem with the use of marijuana," said Hugo St-Onge of the Bloc Pot party who was among those not able to get accreditation.

"The law of cannabis must be changed for the weed lover, not about risk and police because policing people didn't work, won't work."

Public consultations are also planned this fall.

If all goes according to plan, recreational marijuana use should become legal as of July 1st next year.