Extra measures to help you deal with traffic headaches during major Lafontaine Tunnel work

Transport officials say they have come up with extra measures to help commuters deal with the major repair work that begins on the Lafontaine Tunnel next year and that will last four years.

The work will shut down one lane out of three in each direction in the tunnel for at least two years of the $100M project.

Among the measures to help mitigate traffic:

- adding an extra lane on Highway 20 into Montreal reserved for buses and carpooling
- over 800 more Park and Ride spots
- five new shuttle buses between the South Shore and Radisson metro
- more frequent service on existing city bus routes

Officials can't say for now how much time these will save commuters but that they will be testing out the measures soon.

Transport Quebec says they expect about a third of commuters will use other spans such as the Jacques Cartier Bridge while a quarter will turn to public transit and about another quarter will change their hours.