Extreme cold warning has ended in Montreal

A sliver of good news after a bitterly cold holiday season — Environment Canada has ended its extreme cold warning for the Montreal area.

What that means is, we won't be seeing the kinds of bitterly cold windchill values we saw for the past week or so, but temperatures will run a few degrees below normal for the next week.

And there will be a little bit more snow in the coming week — at least some snow is expected to fall every day through Thursday in Montreal.

The weather office says we could see a couple of significant winter storms in the first two weeks of January, with below-average temperatures extending well into next week, but we should see a return to more moderate temperatures for the second half of January.

Environment Canada says the month of December was basically a tale of two months — above-average temperatures, along with some early winter storms, freezing rain and high winds.

Temperatures for the first nine days of December were above normal — hitting a peak of 10 degrees on Dec. 5.

But then, the deep freeze hit, bottoming out at -26.6 on Dec. 28, with windchill values approaching -40 for much of the final week of 2017.

Comparitively speaking, this coming Wednesday and Thursday will feel positively balmy — a high of -11 on Wednesday, and -10 on Thursday, with flurries or a chance of flurries both days.