Famed Montreal chef Antonio Park to spruce up Air Canada's in-flight meals


Famed Montreal chef Antonio Park is going to make meals in the sky a lot more appetizing.

Park was recruited by Air Canada to spruce up its inflight meals and it’s a mission he said he’s taking seriously.

“It’s important. Why am I doing airplane food? Because you touch the most people and that’s the most important thing for me,” he said. “I used to work for a private club touching only 357 members and I got out of there because I wanted to cook for all Montrealers. Maybe I’ll have the opportunity today to cook for the world and that’s a beautiful thing.”

Park said the new venue for his cooking does present unique challenges.

“For every problem there’s a solution,” he said. “As chefs, we understand these problems and we’ll try and solve it together with Air Canada.”

Park said his in-flight menu will include variations on items available in his Park restaurant, such as the Asian salad or braised short ribs.

“It’s not about me, it’s not about Air Canada, it’s about the guests having an experience that we want to give,” he said.