Family of 7-year-old Granby girl warned officials before death

Flowers and stuffed animals were placed outside the home of a 7-year-old girl in Granby by neighbours after he death was confirmed by police on Tuesday.

The girl was rushed to hospital Monday after she was found in a critical state; she died about 24 hours later. Investigators have not revealed information regarding her injuries.

Her father and step-mother were arrested in connection with the case. Both appeared in court Tuesday where they were charged with forcible confinement. The woman was also charged with aggravated assault. Both have a criminal record and remain behind bars.

Because of the girl's death additional charges could be filed in the coming days.

The ordeal has some wondering if officials tasked with keeping children out of harm's way failed the young girl.

Her uncle told TVA the family knew the child was living in a dangerous situation but not one ever expected it could end like this. The man added they had already warned the Director of Youth Protection, saying the father was dangerous and the police were called last year when the child was attacked by her step-mother.

Karine Darcey of ACAFQ, a non-profit organization offering advice and assistance to Quebec families living with psychosocial issues, told the French news network that she had assisted two relatives in their fight to remove the girl from the home and gain custody of the child. She said while there were many involved in the battle they were unsuccessful.

Provincial police continue their investigation.