Family of train accident victim suing CN for $1 million

The sisters of a CN rail conductor and yardman killed in a workplace accident are suing CN for $1 million dollars in damages.

In March 2014, 34-year-old Jarrod Ward was guiding a train car along icy tracks in a Montreal rail yard, when the car derailed — crushing him to death between two heavy cars.

The family's lawyer, Laura-Ann Weir, says CN was warned by several employees that the tracks in the yard were dangerously icy and needed to be cleared.

"He himself asked his supervisor to clean the rails, which was not done." said Weir.

Ward's sister Shannon says the family was close and his loss, even 3 years later, still haunts them.

"My son will never meet Jarrod, will never meet his uncle," she says. "I have to live with that on a daily basis, so it hurts a lot." 

She says they hope the repairs and damages will spur CN to improve safety standards for other employees.