Fans wait in killer cold for The Killers show; Place Bell apologizes

Place Bell says it is sincerely sorry for the experience of thousands of fans that were left waiting in the cold for up to an hour trying to enter the arena to see The Killers on Saturday night.

It was nearly minus 40 degrees Saturday night with the wind chill.

Fans reported there only being one gate open to enter the venue and being in a line up outside for 60 minutes, many missing the opening act Alex Cameron.

In fact, some even gave up and went home after freezing outside for over a half hour.

After a day of ticketholders taking to its facebook page to voice their anger, Place Bell issued a statement Sunday afternoon, saying "we were faced with different operational issues and we are aware of your discontent. We would like to apologize that the actions took were not to our fans’ expectations."

Many responded the apology wasn't enough.

"To say you were 'faced' with issues suggests you are not taking ownership of the problems that were most likely preventable with proper planning for a large-scale event," replied Julie Grenier. "This apology is weak. I won't be returning to Place Bell."

"Unacceptable," chimed in Luigi Loggia. "What an embarrassment. [....] How did you apply your procedures for well being and safety when you let thousands freeze in the cold for an hour?"

"As for the electrical problems, 3 times in one show! This band won't return there that's for sure."