Flooded home won't dampen spirits before couple's upcoming wedding 

A couple in Vaudreuil is set to be married on Saturday, but their attention is ebbing and flowing between their big day and their flooded home.

"The whole basement flooded [Sunday night] floor to ceiling, and then about five inches of water in the living above the basement," Elizabeth Tomaras told CJAD News.

"The floor is warped completely it's literally a floating floor right now, and the baseboards are ripped off the walls, the paint is peeling," she continued.

Courtesy Elizabeth Tomaras

Luckily, her wedding dress and other important items for the upcoming nuptuals were safe at her parents' home.

Despite the ordeal, Tomaras says she and her husband Claude are going ahead with the wedding.

"We're still going to enjoy ourselves," she vowed, "It'll be in the back of our minds but we won't let it put a damper on the evening."

While away on their honeymoon, the couple plans to have Tomaras's parents check in on the home.

Courtesy Elizabeth Tomaras

Tomaras says the home had some leakage problems when it was purchased by the soon-to-be newlyweds about two months ago, but they had planned on waiting until it was warmer in the summer to do repairs.

—with files from Luciano Pipia