Flooding starts, but how bad will it be?

As Montreal mayor Valerie Plante put it, "in the end, Mother Nature decides."

The comment was made as Plante toured various parts of the city under flood watch.

She said the boroughs were well prepared, having learned lessons from record floods two years ago.

The town of Rigaud, west of Montreal, said Saturday that dozens of homes were evacuated and that street flooding began.

Like other Quebec municipalities, Rigaud, which was hit hard with flooding in 2017, expected a rapid rise in water flows this weekend.

Rigaud's mayor said this year's flooding could be worse than two years ago.

The city of Laval said nearly a thousand homes received sandbags to deal with flooding. 

It also said officials expected to visit some 700 flood-prone homes by Saturday night.

There were five places where concerned Laval residents could pick up sandbags, including the Access community center on Arthur-Sauvé in Laval West and the Bigras community center on chemin de la Fourche on Ile Bigras.

Quebec Public Security minister Genevieve Guilbeault told reporters flood-prone residents should follow authorities' instructions.

The province will also allow stores, normally closed on Easter Sunday, to stay open this weekend so residents can stock up on supplies. 

An army spokesperson told CJAD 800 News it still wasn't clear how and when the military would begin helping with Quebec flooding, that a decision was expected by Sunday.

The province asked for and was granted military help.