Flowers, dinners, spa days are the top gifts for Mother's Day in Quebec

Have you done all your shopping for Mother's Day tomorrow?

If not, you may get some ideas from the Quebec Retail Council which has come out with its annual stats on the most popular presents.

Flowers are the top gift, coming in at 56% in the survey.

Next is a family meal at home or at a restaurant at almost 48%.

After that:

- chocolate (26%)
- gift cards (22%)
- concert tickets (20%)
- pampering package for a spa day, massage, manicure/pedicure (17%)
- wine/alcohol (17%)
- perfume/beauty products (16%)
- books/music (15%)
- clothing/fashion accessories (15%)

The poll suggests Quebeckers will be spending an average of $62 for mom this year.

"One trend that we see this year is a more than nine per cent increase for (packages) when you go to a spa," said Michelle Rivard, CEO of the l'Observateur market research company which did the surve.y 

"We measure this year 17% and it was only nine per cent last year."

The Polar Bear Club in the Laurentians community of Piedmont sells a lot of gift cards at this time of year.

"The most popular thing they buy is defintely our massage and access to the spa package," said spokesperson Alexandra Carrier.

Carrier said it's a popular gift because it's all about Mom.

"They really want to say thank you and say Hey, let me give you a day where it's only about you, a day where you can relax, recharge and really just experience a relaxing day," Carrier told CJAD 800 News.

"It's really about you and about your needs and it's definitely more special than chocolate or flowers."