Forgotten infant deaths can be prevented: Quebec coroner

A Quebec corner is saying the deaths of children forgotten in cars can be prevented with the right legislation.

A coroner's report, which was obtained by Radio-Canada, into the death of a toddler in Saint-Jerome whose father, forgot to drop the child off at daycare questions why potentially lifesaving technology is not being included in cars. 

Corner Denyse Langelier, said the sensors would sound an alarm or send an alert to a cell phone to warn parents if they detect a child left behind inside a vehicle.

There are currently no regulations requiring car manufacturers to have the sensors in their vehicles.

Langelier reportedly contacted Transport Canada about the devices but was told because of variables like a child's size and breathing, it is too difficult to create a sensor that would detect every child.

However, two sisters in Saint-Jerome may have found an answer.

The coroner mentions twins Marie-Pier and Sophie Vermette-Lacroix and their science fair project that could be used to save lives.

Their invention involved weight sensors under the driver's seat and the child's seat. If at any point the sensors detect the child's weight and not the driver's they would sound an alarm.