Former Couillard government advisor faces child sex assault charges

A former advisor with the Couillard government was charged today in an alleged case of child sex assault. 

The charges against 45-year-old Martin Lapointe include sexual assault and sexual touching, and Montreal police have now put a call out to any other potential come forward.

Lapointe now faces seven charges in connection with the sexual assault and exploitation of a minor over a four-year period, from April 2005 to April 2009.

He was freed on several conditions — he won't be allowed around minors, and can't contact his victim.

He once worked in the offices of ministers Lise Theriault and David Huertel — a career which ended last year.

Police say from 2000 to 2016 he worked with children at a community organization. Reports are suggesting he was a Scout leader in Montreal North.

Police say they have reason to believe there are other victims, and late Thursday they released a photo and a description.

Lapointe stands 5'8", weighs 200 pounds, and has short, thinning dark hair and brown eyes.