Four untouched islands now open to nature lovers

If you're looking to spend some time outdoors after this week's heatwave, the Montreal area now has four untouched islands open to nature enthusiasts.

The Bonfouin, Aigle, Cerfeuils, and Beauregard islands were purchased by the Nature Conservancy of Canada in the 1970s in a bid to protect the natural environment they offer.

The islands, of the eastern tip of Montreal, are home to several species of at-risk birds, including the American kestrel and Canada warbler.

Now, you can visit the islands and make your way along the many hiking trails and explore with the help of the new information panels.

"We are proud to showcase these extraordinary islands, while respecting the natural environment we are protecting," said project manager Julien Poisson in a statement. "We encourage Montreal residents and other people to take advantage of these beautiful sites in the coming weeks and connect with the natural beauty we have protected."

If you have a canoe or kayak you have an open invitation, motor boats are being asked to stay away.

 “You cannot save something you don't know,” said Joel Bonin of the Nature Conservancy of Canada. “We want people to know what is so beautiful about the St. Lawrence River and its islands…they'll be able to be engaged and for the next forty years do the same as our visionary founders.”

All together the islands cover 130 hectares of land.