François Legault says he thinks most Anglophones 'agree with Bill 101'

The leader of the CAQ says that he thinks Anglophone voters don't always place language issues at the top of their priorities, and that many are comfortable with their current linguistic status in this province.  

He made the remarks at a pre-campaign rally in Shawinigan attended by 93 of the party's 97 confirmed candidates.

"I think it's important to repeat that French is the official language in Quebec", he said, before adding, "but I think most of the Anglophones, they agree with Bill 101."

"What they want to make sure is that there won't be a referendum about the sovereignty of Quebec", he said.  Legault has stated that his party will never hold a referendum on independence.

Most of Legault's time at the rally was spent discussing his party's economic platform. One key element of it is a plan to increase Quebec's hydroelectricity exports.

"We still can offer a lot more, to the northeast of the United States, but also to Ontario", he said.

Legault added that he welcomed the surprise announcement by Premier Philippe Couillard yesterday that the forthcoming provincial campaign will be a week longer than usual.  Political analysts have speculated that the decision to lengthen the campaign to its maximum legal duration was taken by Liberal strategists in the hopes that Legault and his party, currently leading in the polls, will make costly mistakes.