Fraudsters targeting SAQ Inspire cards

There's a new card being targeted by fraudsters in Quebec, but this one doesn't link to your bank account.

According to La Presse at least fifteen SAQ customers have had their Inspire card points stolen since the end of January.

The stolen amounts range from $40 to $120 dollars.

The exact number of customers affected is not known because it's possible others have been targeted without their knowledge.

The points have since been restored by the SAQ.

The Crown Corporation told the newspaper there is nothing that indicates its computer system had been hacked but still can't say exactly how the points were stolen.

Adding a PIN to the card is one of the security measures currently being discussed to keep thefts from occurring again.

The Inspire card provides customers with 5 points for every dollar spent before tax at SAQ outlets. Once 1,000 points have been collected a cardholder can redeem them for a $1 rebate.

There are nearly 2 million members of the program in Quebec.