Freezing rain warning and rollercoaster week in weather for Montreal

The weather in Montreal this week may not be hot and cold, but it will definitely be up and down and potentially slippery.

Environment Canada issued a freezing rain warning and freezing drizzle advisory for the Montreal and surrounding area. 

"Generally, amounts of 2 to 5 millimetres of ice are expected," the weather agency said. "Regions north of the St Lawrence River between Lachute and Quebec City could receive more than 10 millimetres of freezing rain."

Thanks to the freezing drizzle that began Sunday evening Montrealers waking up Monday morning will need a couple extra minutes to scrape the ice off their vehicles.

Environment Canada said the low pressure system that is expected to make its way across Quebec Monday and Tuesday will bring precipitation that will change to freezing rain by dinner time and continue until early Tuesday morning.

Highways, roads, sidewalks and parking lots could become icy, slippery and extremely hazardous.

After Montreal gets through the freezing drizzle and freezing rain, temperatures will jump to a high of 5°C on Tuesday with plenty of sunshine by the afternoon. 

Wednesday returns to temperatures below freezing, down to -7°C with some snow. But Thursday shoots right back up to about 0°C with cloudy skies.

Friday will continue the rise, hitting 2°C with a few showers.