French election commission investigates hacking of Macron campaign

France's election watchdog says it is now investigating a hacking attack and document leak targeting centrist presidential frontrunner Emmanuel Macron.  

Macron's campaign indicated in a statement last night that it had been subject to a hack of emails and financial documents, which were being distributed on social media and mixed-in with falsified documents.  Macron's party, "En Marche!" descibed the hack as an attempt to influence tomorrow's decisive second-round vote.  The statement compares that incident to last year's leak of emails from Hillary Clinton's U.S. presidential campaign.

The commission overseeing the presidential race says it's holding a meeting today after the late-night leak on Friday.  It's also asking French media not to publish the documents, warning that some of them are "probably'' fake.  Most of the country's press are already under a mandatory nationwide blackout on coverage of the campaign anyway, with the opening of polls less than 24 hours away.

Macron is the heavy favourite to win tomorrow's election runoff against extreme-right candidate Marine Le Pen, whom he leads by around twenty points in most polling averages.