From now on, we won't wait for city's orders to clean snow and ice: Anjou mayor

The mayor of Anjou is apologizing to his constituents for the icy streets and sidewalks in his borough but he is putting the blame squarely on the Plante Administration.

"I accepted not to remove the snow, I'm paying for it right now, I accept the full responsibility," said Miranda in an interview with CJAD 800.

But  Miranda said it was the central city and Mayor Valérie Plante who decided to make the call not to order snow removal back during the November snowfall.

"If she can't assume the responsibility that what's going on now is not the borough mayors' fault, it's their fault - they're the ones who centralized the snow removal," said Miranda.

Plante said earlier in the day that debate is for another day- right now, she said, the focus is to have the streets and sidewalks well cleared.

Miranda said he decided to speak out on the issue after receiving many complaints from Anjou residents about the ice-covered streets and sidewalks and after getting Plante's letter urging them to improve snow removal.

Miranda said he's sorry he ever listened to the city of Montreal back in November during the season's first snowfall.

"It's not just tossing the snow on the side. If you leave the snow there, it's going to freeze over! What country has (Plante) been living in?" said Miranda.

Plante said the rollercoaster winter weather has made the job more challenging but urges boroughs to stop bickering and do the job.

Miranda said that just adds insult to injury.

"Before I was saying, maybe it's the inexperience. Maybe it's a question of inexperience. But now I say it's incompentence," said Miranda.

Miranda said he will now remove the snow in his borough when he deems it necessary for public security, penalty or no penalty from the city.

"From now on, the city of Montreal will not tell me when to remove the snow or not to remove it," said Miranda.