FUN: Meet Christopher the Pig, an Internet star from Brossard

A pig living in Brossard on the South Shore has been travelling all over North America and has more than 25,000 fans worldwide following along on social media.

Christopher the Pig's fans on Instagram have been tracking his adventures to the Grand Canyon, Harvard University and luxury hotels. 

"I just started to do an Instagram for Christopher because I love taking picture, I do it for myself, I thought he was a super cute model" his adoptive mother Marilyne Duguay told CTV Montreal.

Marilyne and Jonathan Duguay adopted Christopher after his previous owners gave him up because of the amount of work taking care of a pig can be.

Since then the Duguays say their little porker has brought them nothing but love.

"As soon as she open the door he's going to run to the door and 'hello mommy'. Me, he doesn't bother, just ok Daddy drive and bring me to places. And feed me when mommy's not here" said Jonathan.

Now thousands of fans go Hog Wild as they follow along with Christopher's adventures.

"We just saw that people they love seeing Christopher, he brighten up people's lives because I don't know he's just so adorable."

This March his followers will have new destinations to enjoy as this pig will fly.

"We have a couple fans in France and Argentina, that's too far, but also Spain. And we said when we're in Barcelona we'll give you a ring and we can all take a picture" Jonathan said.