Future iPhone software to encourage you to reduce your screen time

Many of us say we're addicted to our cell phones, and at its annual conference on Monday, Apple says it wants to help combat that.

The tech giant unveiled the newest version of the software that powers iPhones and iPads, called iOS 12, in a presentation in California. Among other new features, it will include several to help users become less attached to their devices.

iOS's "Do Not Disturb" feature, for example, will be expanded to keep the phone's screen dimmed while the user is asleep and dimming all new notifications.  As well, users will be able to set time limits on how long they can use a given app, such as Instagram or Facebook.

Users will even be able to monitor their own screentime, to get a better idea of just how much (or, potentially, how little) they actually use their phones.

Apple says the new features will help iPhone users stay more "in the moment".  The new version of iOS will be available for download in the fall.