Gas is going up to 147.9 in Montreal. Compared to Vancouver, that's a bargain

It's Monday — time for your weekly spike in gas prices in Montreal.

And this one represents another four-year high for gas prices — the price of a litre of regular has gone up at some stations to 147.9 cents per litre.

That's up well over a dime per litre, and that change is expected to be made everyone in the city by Tuesday morning.

But while 147.9 seems high, that's not even close to the highest price in the country.

The most expensive gasoline in Canada, by a wide margin, can be found in the Vancouver area. Gas prices there shot up above 160 cents over the weekend.

Temporary refinery closures and the shutdown of the Olympic pipeline in Washington State are being cited as factors for the abnormally high prices there — in addition to the general increase in the price of crude oil.

Dan McTeague, with, suggests the increases are but a sign of things to come if construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline continues to stall.

“We need that pipeline built,” McTeague told CTV Vancouver. “The sooner it can be built, the more it can bring gasoline in, drive Canadian values up and up and in turn will lead to lower and lower prices at the pumps for everybody.”