Gas prices shouldn't be this high: CAA-Quebec

After the initial shock of seeing gas hit $1.43 per litre in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, prices have gone down, but not down enough for CAA-Quebec.

"While the indicator to buy gas for the gas station is going down, the price for the consumer is not going down as fast" said spokesperson Annie Gauthier.

Experts warned the price at the pump would go through the roof after Harvey forced many oil refineries in Texas to shut down. While not all refineries have opened, and others are still partially closed, some relief at the pump has been seen.

Since motorists saw three price spikes in just about a week, the cost of a litre of regular gas has declined to an average price of about $1.23.

That is still not good enough for CAA-Quebec

"At this moment the consumers are paying their gas, the price is too high they're paying too much for gas" Gauthier said. "We cannot explain why it is like that and obviously we need some explanations."

The organization estimates gas in the city is about four or five cents above what it should be for a litre of gas.

"It's unfortunate because the industry knows the consumer needs gas, and now we have to deal with [the Hurricane Harvey] situation and it's pretty unfair" Gauthier said. "We hope this will go down soon, very soon and we'll have at least some explanation for that."