Gerry Sklavounos preparing for return to the National Assembly

After being cleared of sexual assault allegations, Gerry Sklavounos is preparing for a return to the National Assembly.

Last Friday Premier Philippe Couillard announced the MNA's return to the Liberal caucus was not automatic. The Premier said before he would consider the possibility Sklavounos would need to make a public statement on the place of women in society and workplace.

According to reports the representative from Laurier-Dorion has been working on a statement, and it could be coming within the next couple of days, at a press conference from his riding office.

Any statement though is just the start of what could be a long road for Sklavounos to return to his job.

The Premier noted last week despite Quebec's Director of Criminal Prosecutions concluding that no criminal act had been committed in the case involving the MNA and a young woman from Quebec City, following the original allegations other stories emerged of inappropriate behaviour involving the 41-year-old.

Québec-Solidaire's Manon Massé has been public in saying she believes there is no situation that Sklavounos could make his return because since the incident was made public the representative from Laurier-Dorion has lost the confidence of women.