Get up, stand up: breakaway Bloc MPs to call themselves 'Québec Debout'

The seven MPs who left the Bloc Quebecois earlier this year over differences with Martine Ouellet's leadership have the name they want for their new party: Quebec Debout.

They say their goal is to return to the Bloc's original mission, which was to defend Quebec's interests in Ottawa and to let provincial sovereignist parties in Quebec handle the independence issue.

MP Rheal Fortin says he hopes to have the name registered with Elections Canada in a week.

The word "debout'' is loosely translated as "standing up'' and is often used by sovereignist politicians to convey the message of defending Quebec's interests.

The seven MPs quit the Bloc caucus in late February and cut all ties to the party earlier this month just two days after Ouellet accused them of spreading "fake news.''

They have repeatedly accused Ouellet of constantly zeroing in on independence instead of defending Quebec's interests on the federal scene.