Get used to the traffic-calming measures on Camilien-Houde, says Montreal mayor


This long holiday weekend saw long lineups of cars on Camilien-House road on Mount Royal in the wake of the new traffic-calming measures - measures that Montreal's mayor says "people will have to get used to."

Social media posts showed cars snaking up the winding road on the mountain during the Fête Nationale holiday.

Mayor Valérie Plante said they did put in extra police officers to direct traffic and help motorists navigate the new traffic measures, including traffic lights, bollards and alternating lanes of traffic.

When the measures were first put in last week, the STM had to pull the mountain bus routes off the road out of concerns over safety for passengers and drivers. The routes have since been re-established.

"For us, it's still the right thing to do. People need to get used to it," said Plante.

"If people are in a rush and used to use Camilien-Houde as a go-through road, well, they have to find something else. If you want to enjoy the mountain, you'll be waiting to wait at the light, let people walk and bike safely because one of the things that I will never compromise is security," said Plante.

Plante said they'll pull the extra police once the situation stabilizes.