Giant mound of earth in LaSalle has some residents worried about collapse: CTV 

A massive mound of earth in LaSalle has got residents in the area very worried about a possible mudslide.

The pile of dirt and rocks has been on Cure de Rossi Street since last summer because of a nearby condo development by Apero Construction.

There are reports of mud and water flowing into people's backyards and at least 1 basement.

The borough has reassured residents that the heap isn't in danger of collapsing but an engineering report, obtained by CTV Montreal, shows people are right to be concerned.

The report, commissioned by the borough, was written after a December 22 visit and suggests corrective measures to ensure the safety of the public.

It outlines a long list of issues and risks, including the mound being too high, the angle too steep and the earth not compacted properly or protected from the elements.

Civil Engineer Adel Hanna is an expert in soil and foundations at Concordia University.  

After reading the report and having a look at the site, he concludes there are concerns about stability.

"It's okay for now, until spring. Spring I will start to be worried. So I assume this has to be removed sometime in the spring, " he tells CTV.

The borough says it has no power to force the developer to do anything, but says it is looking at using a nuisance bylaw to force the developer to act.

Resident Frances Huot says she has been told by her insurer that it won't cover damage caused by any problems related to the mound and is considering legal action.

"I really, really am worried.  I am sick of having a knot in my stomach every waking moment," she says.

With files from CTV Montreal