Google Maps now warning you of nearby photo radar

Imagine you're driving along a highway, pushing the acceptable speed limit, when your phone chimes in with a warning, "speed camera ahead."

That is now a reality.

For example, this is a screenshot of Highway 20 in Pincourt. It shows the photo radar in place near Boulevard de l'Île.

The last-minute warning is being rolled out to Android and iPhone users by Google, for users of the Google Maps application. In other countries, including U.S., UK, and Denmark the app will also post speed limits.

In Canada users will only be alerted to speed cameras. Android users will be able to report locations of mobile speed cameras.

Google said there is no plan to merge the Google Maps speed camera warnings into its community-based traffic and navigation app Waze.

Last year the Quebec government passed Bill 165, updating the Highway Safety code and plugging a legal loophole that allowed motorists to contest tickets issued by a photo radar system.