Grand Prix: group has warning for women responding to bartender and hostess ads

With Montreal's Grand Prix weekend around the corner there's a hiring frenzy, but a group fighting sexual exploitation warns women that some of those ads for fast cash might come with some unwanted strings attached.

Éliane Legault-Roy with CLES — Concertation des luttes contre l'exploitation sexuelle — says there may be some misleading online ads targetting young women for hostessing and bartending jobs, that aren't quite what they seem.

"Some of those ads, they're more like trying to lure young women into the sex trade, under the guise of a glamorous and lucrative weekend," Legault-Roy says.

She says some young women have been lured into dangerous situations under the guise of bar or entertainment employment, and that women should trust their gut with these online ads if they ask for a picture and seem sketchy. 

CLES is fighting against sexual exploitation and human trafficking that they say explodes during Grand Prix weekend.