Greek Independence Day marked with Park-Ex parade

The Montreal Greek community came together Sunday in Park Ex to continue a tradition that's been going on for over 40 years: the Greek Independence Day Parade. 
Thousands filled the sidewalks on Jean Talon as over 70 groups marched past them, many clad in traditional Greek clothing. Greek schools, daycares, churches and more took part.
"All the Greeks gather in one place and you see everyone come out.  Wherever they live, whether it's far or close we all end up here to share together," said Yioanna Gianopoulos, who was attending the parade with her family.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was the Grand Marshall of the parade, which he's attended for the past 10 years. He smiled and waved at the crowd as he passed. 
The political class was well-represented, with numerous members of Parliament and the National Assembly on hand, as well as municipal politicians. Among them was Mary Deros, a councillor for Park Ex and Montreal's deputy mayor.
"It moves me, it's a very emotional day to see everybody wearing blue, waving their flags. It's three flags: the Greek flag, the Canadian flag as well as the Quebec flag," said Deros.
Other Montreal communities were on hand too, like the Irish, Armenians, and a Jewish contingent led by Rabbi Reuben Poupko.
"It's an opportunity to say thank you to the Greek community for all that they've done for Montreal in building our city and our province," said Poupko.