Green Line's Beaudry station closes October 1

The Beaudry metro station begins an eight month closure tomorrow as the STM conducts major renovations and refurbishment. 

The Green Line station, one of two located in the gay village, is having work done on its architecture, structure, building systems and electricity. Due to the design of the station, it's impossible for the work to proceed and kepe it open at the same time. Some initial work has already been done to the walls that descend to the metro platforms floors. 

The whole project will take a total of 19 months at a cost of is 23.3 million. Only the first eight months require the shutdown. 

A shuttle system will be in place between Papineau and Berri-UQAM stations until the reopening of the station on June 2nd, 2019. 

The station is used by about 4,700 people per day during the week, according to 2017 figures. Those numbers spike during special events such as the fireworks and annual LGBTQ+ Pride celebrations.