Grevin wax museum pulls Michael Jackson statue

The downtown Grevin wax museum pulled its likeness of Michael Jackson at the end of the day this past Sunday, claiming the statue had been damaged.

Radio-Canada quotes an email from the museum's director, Kathleen Payette, as saying because of how fragile the wax statues are, they often need maintenance and restoration work, which can sometimes take as long as a couple of weeks.

The email also suggested removing Jackson's statue has nothing to do with the explosive revelations in the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland, and that it was a coincidence that it was taken out this past weekend. Payette's email also suggested there's no indication as to when the statue will be back — adding they're "following the events" surrounding Jackson.

Leaving Neverland, which tells the story of two men's experience of being sexually abused as boys at the pop star's Neverland ranch, was broadcast on HBO in two parts, on Sunday and Monday night.