Groups fighting Bill 21 win a round in court

Bill 21 protest

A small court victory for a pair of civil liberties groups fighting Bill 21 in court.

The National Council of Canadian Muslims and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association said in a statement Thusday that they have been granted leave to appeal a prior decision in which a judge declined to suspend Bill 21, the Legault government's much-publicized ban on religious symbols for some members of the provincial civil service.

On July 18, a Quebec Superior Court judge upheld the law, saying the two groups failed to demonstrate that the law was causing harm.

“We know this is an important victory that gives hope to those who are affected by this law as their livelihoods remain at risk for no other reason than their faith," Nadia Hasan, the deputy director of the NCCM, said in a statement. "We promised Quebecers and Canadians that we would stand up for what is right, and we intend to follow through.”

The case now heads to Quebec's Court of Appeal.