Guess who's going to pay to remove all those union stickers from SAQ stores?

At the height of the labor dispute last year between SAQ workers and the Quebec government, the workers lavishly decorated the outsides of their stores will union stickers to press their point.

Now that the dispute appears to be on the way to being settled, those multicolored stickers bearing union slogans have to come down from about 400 or so stores across the province.

And a report in the Journal de Montréal is suggesting that the two sides have agreed that the SAQ — in other words, you and me — will foot the bill for the cleanup.

The paper estimates it'll cost several hundreds of thousands of dollars to remove all the stickers from the delicate plate-glass windows. The paper quotes an SAQ spokesperson as suggesting the complexity of the job means they'd rather have their own maintenance companies to do the job.

The Crown corporation and the union reached an agreement in principle to end the labor dispute last fall, but not before several strike days were taken, including one where employees in SAQ outlets abruptly walked off the job at 2 p.m. in the middle of a workday — effectively telling people waiting in line to purchase items that the store was closed, and to go home.

The big cleanup won't begin until 5,500 union members ratify the new deal. The results of the vote are expected to be revealed on Feb. 22.