Hampstead's anti-Bill 21 resolution passes unanimously

The town of Hampstead says it will neither recognize nor enforce Bill 21 if and when it becomes law.

A unanimous resolution passed to that effect at the town's council on Monday night. Among other things, it states Bill 21 is a clear violation of freedom of religion guidelines.

The council vote on the resolution was delayed for a couple of months, after mayor Bill Steinberg's 'ethnic cleansing' comments which were widely denounced, particularly in the francophone media.

Speaking with CJAD 800's Elias Makos, Steinberg insisted far too many people got hung up on those two words, without catching on to the overall context. 

"People only read the two words, 'ethnic cleansing', and the immediate knee-jerk reaction was, come on, this is not a holocaust, this is not genocide," Steinberg said. "I explicitly said I was not talking about a holocaust or genocide."

He says he's received plenty of messages of support in the wake of those comments, even though some others continue to attack him on social media.

One councillor, Leon Elfassy, who was highly critical of the comments, voted to endorse the resolution, even though he has said he would comply with Bill 21 if it becomes law.