Hasidic community in Laurentian town being forced from place of worship

After years of letters and legal notices, the town of Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts in the Laurentians is pushing out a Hasidic Jewish congregation from its home.

The town has obtained a judgment from the Quebec Superior Court ordering them out by Sunday afternoon.

The building in question houses some 30 young people from Quebec, Ontario, the United States and overseas.

According to the lawsuit filed by the municipality, the building has become a religious school, a place of worship and a dormitory. It claimed it is causing nuisances and disorder that is greatly harming neighbours.

Representatives of the congregation have said they were committed to stopping using the building for room and schooling. But every time they did, subsequent inspections showed nothing had changed.

Members of the Hassidic community in the Laurentian town, meanwhile, say they are merely victims of intolerance.