Having a hard time finding a place to live in Montreal?

Is it really that hard to find a place to live in Montreal?

The apartment vacancy rate in Montreal is now sitting at around 2 per cent in Montreal, down from about 4 per cent a few years ago.

Francis Cortellino, an economist with the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation, says there are more people from outside the province in need of housing, compared with just a few years ago, including more international students, refugees, and temporary workers.

"If you look at people coming from abroad, or other provinces of Canada, the net migration is quite high at the moment", said Cortellino.

In fact, it's nearly doubled in the last few years to 75,000 people coming into the province from outside in 2018.

Cortellino says there are more rental units being built now, but it might take some time before the supply catches up with demand.