Helping the homeless and those with pets

Two Montreal sisters are helping homeless people and those with pets.

They're raising money and collecting clothing for them after a homeless man's dog died recently during a cold snap.

One of them, Sara Capobianco, who's an animal lover, says she couldn't stop crying when she heard about what happened.  

So far, they've raised roughly 5-thousand dollars, plus clothing. 

"My sister Samantha and my aunt Josie, they ended up going to do runs at people's houses. We collected a whole bunch of clothing items; hats, gloves, mits and all that. And my girlfriend Claudia and I, we went on a grocery run. So, we collected all the food articles, the dog toys, the dog food and all the necessities that we would think that they wouod need being outside", said Capobianco, who spoke with CTV.     

Capobianco added bags containing blankets or big sleeping bags are being distributed among the homeless.

"We're working all together just to do something bigger than us", added Capobianco.