Highway 13 fiasco: court approves class-action suit against city and province

A class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of those stranded on Highway 13 during a major snowstorm last March will go ahead.

On Tuesday, Quebec Superior Court approved the suit against the city of Montreal and the government of Quebec.

Dozens of motorists were left stranded on the night of March 14, as Montreal's worst snowstorm so far in the 21st century piled close to 50 centimetres of snow around them.

The bottleneck was caused after a truck crash early that evening.

Some were left stranded for as long as 12 hours, with no snowplows or tow trucks in sight, or even any information from authorities as to when there might be some relief.

The suit alleges the city and province failed in their responsibilities to properly manage the roadblock. It's seeking up to $2,500 for each of the plaintiffs.