Hitting the slopes to help newcomers to Quebec embrace winter

A Laurentians ski resort is teaming up with an outreach centre that helps immigrants to bring nearly 50 new Quebecers to the slopes today and introduce them to the fun side of winter.

Jacques Penel of the Centre d'appui aux communautés immigrants said Ski Chanteclerc and Freestyle Canada helped organized the activity which fits in with their other events such as sugaring off and apple picking.

Penel said people were very eager to sign up - immigrants from Algeria, Syria and Latin America who've never experienced a Quebec winter.

"Slowly they know how the people here live and the type of activities they do and they understand better the way people live here," said Penel in an interview with CJAD 800 News.

"It'll help them integrate better because they will be able to talk about that experience and share that experience with the local people."