Hochelaga family furious after deliveryman enters home

A family in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve says they're still shaken after a courier from Intelcom Express arrived with their delivery from Amazon -- and entered their house.

Carl Escala and his wife Casimira Teruel were expecting a delivery from Amazon on Tuesday, and after Teruel left for the park, Escala took care of their younger children at home.  When he heard the doorbell ring, he didn't think much of it.

"I'm thinking, 'it's my wife coming back from the park, with my eldest daughter'," Escala explained in an interview with Aaron Rand.  Once in his bedroom doorway, however, he quickly noticed that the man that had just entered his house wasn't his wife -- it was a deliveryman.

"I asked him, 'What are you doing in my apartment? How did you get in?'" Escala said.

The deliveryman responded in French, asking "don't you want your package?"

Still shocked, Escala said to the courier, "If I'm not home, you don't just walk in, you leave it on my front porch, like the thousands of other deliveries we've received."  In response, Escala said, "He just essentially shrugged, turned around, and left."

Intelcom Express is one of the courier services most-frequently contracted by Amazon to deliver packages to customers in Montreal with its popular Prime service.

Escala says he and his wife have spoken with both Intelcom and Amazon since the incident, and that Intelcom has since fired the deliveryman.  Intelcom has also since apologized.

The couple have also filed a report with Montreal police.  But they say they still feel shaken about the incident.

"This employee was fired," Escala said, adding, "This employee obviously knows where we live. Who's to say he won't come back another day, and that he's not upset, [or] angry?"