Homeless shelters bracing for cold and hectic weekend

The 3,000 Montrealers who struggle with homelessness will face brutal weather conditions as we see a forecast of three straight days with lows around minus 20.

The City of Montreal told CJAD 800 that it's ready to help homeless people, and has been ready for quite some time.

Usually, its warming shelters open only when it goes below minus 20, but City Councillor Rosannie Filato said the shelters are now open throughout the winter.

"We took out the condition where there would have to be a certain amount of cold," Filato said.

She added, "This is a place, when you talk about a higher level of accessibility, it's for somebody who doesn't want to go to a traditional center. (They come here) to get food, to warm up, and to have contact with social workers."

Matthew Pearce from the Old Brewery Mission said even if the shelter is full, they won't turn anybody away.