How much did the Formula E race cost? No one knows

A little over three weeks after the final checkered flag at Montreal's Formula E weekend one question remains... How much did it all cost?

As it turns out, it's the multimillion dollar question no one has the answer to.

During Monday's City Council meeting, members of opposition parties pressed Mayor Denis Coderre to reveal the final price tag and how many tickets were actually sold for the racing event.

However, much like information about future races taking over city streets, no financial data or ticket sale numbers were available.

Mayor Coderre had originally estimated the cost to host the Formula E race for six years would be $24 million, on Monday that assessment went up.

City Council approved additional costs worth $5.3 million.

There were also many questions related to the $10 million line of credit given to Montreal, c'est électrique, the organization in charge of the race. 

Those inquiries also went unanswered.

Mayor Coderre said the final tally would be made public once Montreal, c'est électrique and the city's auditor-general completed their reports.

Neither of which are expected to be released before the next municipal election on November 5, 2017.