How will Quebec businesses, farmers, manufacturers be affected by Trump?

U.S. President Donald Trump has been on the job for three weeks and it's unclear how Quebec businesses, farmers and manufacturers will be affected by his trade policies.

But many sectors such as the lumber and agricultural industries are concerned about Trump's protectionist stance - his America First policy - as well as the possible reopening of NAFTA.

"Say a U.S. company could sue a province, in this case, Quebec, if they felt that a province would give undue access to Canadian companies over U.S. companies," said Axel Huelsemeyer, associate professor of political science at Concordia University.

Dairy and poultry farmers who operate under Canada’s supply-management system are already being targeted by dairy farmers in the U.S. and would likely feel any impact first.

"For Quebec, that means, southern Quebec is all full of dairy producers, so the dairy industry is likely going to be the first one," said Huelsemeyer.

"If you are a farmer, of course you are at risk of losing but then the farmers are already at risk of losing with this trade deal with the EU so they get the shaft one way or the other."

Some observers say the federal government needs to identify areas where they might make new demands if NAFTA is opened up, such as energy and digital economy.