Hudson calls emergency town council meeting to talk about dogs

A dog attack on the user of a Hudson beach earlier this week has prompted the town to ban all dogs on the beach until further notice.

A man was attacked Wednesday by what's being described as a pitbull-type dog at Hudson's popular Sandy Beach.

"The dog was on a leash, but it had gotten away from its owner," mayor Jamie Nicholls says.

The man, 61, was bitten on an arm, and had to pry the dog off by hitting it in the throat.

He told the Montreal Gazette he's okay, though he does have deep wounds and will be on antibiotics for the next week.

A notice on the town's web site says the ban takes in the area bordered by the entrance of the wooden bridge at Jack Layton Park and all accesses to the beach from Royalview — as well as the woods, and along the waterfront.

The dog rules will be up for discussion at an emergency meeting of the town's council Friday night.