Hudson rallies around family at centre of Wednesday's fire and rescue

After a house fire and a dramatic rescue on Wednesday where Hydro Quebec workers had to catch three people jumping from their burning home, a Hudson family of five has been left with nothing.

But community members are determined to help parents and their kids, aged 8, 10, and 16, to get on with their lives.

Hudson resident Louise Craig explains why put a call out on Facebook for school supplies for the three children. 

"We saw the tragedy that happened in Hudson and it's incredible that a family has to go through this kind of situation where they have to basically jump out of windows to save themselves."

"The community wanted to give a hand and we just decided 'why not be the place to facilitate that and help them out?' We knew some of the members of the family so it made it easy for us to just get in contact and see what was in need."

Craig explains that she chose to gather school supplies because the family needs the pieces of their life to be put back into place more than they need money.

"It's not a question of money, it's not because they need the money, they don't. But it's a question of logistics. School starts Monday...this is just one little thing they don't have to deal with hopefully."

Craig says the family's loss is compounded by the fact that the mom remains in hospital after injuring herself during the fire rescue.

"The family has to get everything back at this point. Their mom is still in the hospital and it's not the time for them to have to worry about picking up papers or school books."

Craig says the response has been enthusiastic - from both within Hudson and beyond. 

"We have families in Vaudreuil, in St-Lazare, it says that we're a community. And when there's a need the community likes to get together. Everybody is so happy to give."

Donations can be taken to 397 Main in Hudson.