Huge drop in photo radar tickets last year

There have been fewer photo radar tickets handed out over the past year in the province - about ten times fewer ever since a Quebec judge ruled that photo radar evidence was inadmissible because it was based on hearsay.

About 10,000 motorists got photo radar tickets last year - compared to over 276,000 the year before.

Avi Levy, a lawyer with Ticket911 that helps motorists contest tickets, said they've also had a corresponding dip in the number of clients coming in with photo radar tickets.

"The burden of proof is greater and the demand on the police officer to do their job is greater and more involved and I don't think they can issue quite as many tickets for that reason," said Levy in an interview with CJAD 800 News.

But Levy said they still get calls from motorists thinking the tickets aren't valid or are easier to beat in court.

"Not realizing that the necessary changes have been made for the proof to be now acceptable in court," said Levy.

The guidelines may also be more clear in the upcoming changes to the Highway Safety Code.

Some motorists still may want to contest the ticket in the meantime.

"The proof is valid - we're assuming they've done the necessary corrections so they would, at that point, be harder to fight completely but we can do some negotiating to reduce them," said Levy.

"If you feel that it's not you, definitely fight it; otherwise you're probably better off to save your time and energy and pay the ticket and move on."