Humboldt bus crash which killed 16, injured 13, ocurred a year ago today

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer are both recognizing the strength of the Humboldt community in statements marking the first anniversary of the Broncos' bus crash.

"Trudeau thanked first responders for their "courage and professionalism'' in the immediate aftermath of the crash, while praising the Saskatchewan town for its resilience in the face of tragedy.

The prime minister says quote, "When we think of Humboldt, we cannot forget pictures of the wreckage, but what will stay in our hearts forever are images of compassion and strength.''

He notes the examples of "players clasping hands, united, in the hospital ward; young men learning to stand, walk, and take to the ice again,'' and "hockey sticks leaned up against thousands of Canadian front doors.''

In his statement, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer also referred to the outpouring of support from across the country, while expressing his own difficulty making sense of the loss.

He says quote -- "As a parent and a Saskatchewanian, I still find myself without adequate words to capture how this tragedy has been felt by our province, and our nation.''

Scheer, who represents a Regina riding in the House of Commons, says -- quote -- "A year may have dulled the sharpness of the pain, but no passage of time can change the depth of our sorrow.''

A memorial service will be held in the Humboldt arena to remember the 16 people killed and 13 injured after the hockey team's bus collided with a semi driven by a novice trucker who had blown the stop sign at a rural intersection.