Hussen goes to Washington to discuss concerns over asylum seekers

High-level meetings have wrapped up in Washington over the ongoing influx of illegal border crossers coming to Canada from the U.S.
    Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen met with Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to discuss the issue of irregular migration at non-official ports of entry, which has been straining Canada's refugee resources.
    A statement says the two leaders discussed how to work together on immigration and border security issues, including visa and screening policies, as well as stopping the misuse of U.S. visas for illegally entering Canada.
    The majority of asylum seekers arriving in Canada this year have been from Nigeria, carrying U.S. travel visas obtained with the express purpose of claiming refugee status in Canada.
    Nielsen says those would-be refugees will likely find their U.S. visa revoked and their ability to travel impeded as a result.
    Hussen says there are no formal negotiations on the so-called Safe Third Country agreement, but that discussions on the agreement and collaboration with the U.S. on improving border management will continue.