Hydro overcharging: Liberals accuse CAQ of leading Quebecers on about refunds

The Quebec Liberals are calling the governing CAQ out over one of the party's significant talking points during their time in opposition.

Before the Oct. 1. 2018 election which brought them to power, the CAQ mounted a crusade on behalf of Hydro-Quebec customers, insisting the utility repay the $1.5 billion it had overcharged Quebecers from 2008 to 2016.

But premier François Legault is refusing to issue any kind of refund to Quebecers, saying he never actually promised to do so during the election campaign — and in any case, he insists some moved by his government has resulted in more money in people's pockets, such as cuts in school taxes and increased tax credits for families.

Interim Liberal leader Pierre Arcand, meanwhile, is accusing Legault of leading Quebecers on.

The Quebec director of the Canadian Taxpayers' Federation, Renaud Brossard, agrees with the Liberals — pointing to a petition drive the CAQ launched when it discovered the discrepancies in 2017. The petition drew 50,000 signatures.

"Respect your word, respect your prise to Quebecers, and give this money back," Brossard said.

The Federation is now circulating its own petition, which already has more than 44,000 signatures.

-CJAD 800's Matt Gilmour contributed to this report.