Hydro-Quebec says customer satisfaction is up

How satisfied are you with Hydro-Quebec? On a scale from very dissatisfied to very satisfied?

According to the 2016 customer survey, the overwhelming majority of respondents reported being fairly satisfied or very satisfied.

That customer satisfaction rate is continuing to climb.

Since Eric Martel took over as Hydro-Quebec's CEO, customer service ratings have seen a bump; coming in at 91% reporting fairly satisfied or very satisfied in 2015 to 91% last year.

"These results show how important improving our customer service is to us. We're proud of our progress, but we also believe that we can still do even better. So we'll be continuing to focus on customers over this next year," said David Murray, President of Hydro-Québec Distribution.

The Crown Corporation implemented several changes in recent years to improve customer service, including extending customer relations hours on evenings and weekends, increasing its presence on social media and enabling customers to make telephone appointments.

"The new services have had a number of impacts, most notably bringing the average call wait time for customer services down by 118 seconds, from 205 seconds in 2015 to 87 seconds in 2016" the utility said in a statement.